Diplomacy / international organisations
Maghreb/Mediterranean Area/ Africa
North South Geopolitics and Security
Tourism and cultural heritage
Public Relations and communications

Academic Teaching and Training Seminars

Teaching Courses / International relations and Geopolitics

  • 1. Study and Practice of Diplomacy (Graduate level ; English ,Arabic )
  • 2. Security Studies (Graduate level English )
  • 3. The United Nations ( Graduate level ; English ,Arabic )
  • 4. Globalization (Graduate level English ,Arabic )
  • 5. Ethics and International Relations ( Undergraduate level , English )
  • 6. The Cold War and East-West Relations (Undergraduate level; Arabic )
  • 7. Senior Seminar on Human rights (Graduate level, English )
  • 8. North-South International relations (Undergraduate level)
  • 9. International Organisations (Graduate level , English ,Arabic ))
  • 10. Europe and Mediterranean Affairs (Graduate level)

Training seminars , Workshops , Public lectures

  • Academic courses and lectures
  • Diplomatic Training Courses
  • Public relations and leadership
  • Trade relations and partnership

Seminar on Protocol & Etiquette in Business Management

An advanced specialized course available to all persons especially those involved in business. It’s aimed at developing participants’ practical knowledge of good conduct in the community communication and job frameworks.

Seminar on Public Speaking

A specialized course available for applicants of various interests, especially for business managers.

Seminar on the art of crisis management

A specialized course that enables participants to predict potential crises in the institutions and the work environment, thus taking effective decisions and setting appropriate planning to successfully deal, manage and provide possible solutions to the crisis when it occurs

Seminar Building‭ ‬Leadership‭ ‬Skills

‭‬‬‬‬Available for individuals and institutions of both public and private sectors. It’s aimed at building up necessary knowledge and refining skills needed to prepare leaders in various domains.

Seminar on Negotiation Skills

A specialized course available for students , specialists and persons with managerial jobs An advanced specialized course available to all persons especially those involved in business. It’s aimed at developing participants’ practical knowledge of good conduct in the community communication and job frameworks.

Selected Training Seminars

  • Open Day seminar “The VCDR : Past Achievements and New Challenges of Diplomatic Law” on the occasion of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961-2011)." An Open Day held on April 18 , 2011 . Dubai American University . UAE
  • Training course on “Dialogue among civilizations : Challenges and Prospects”. United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Symposium UNAOC, Doha QATAR 12-16 December 2012.
  • Training session on the topic "Diplomatic and Consular relations " MOFA , Doha QATAR 12-16 September 2014
  • Training session on Vienna Diplomatic and Consular System- (In English) Ministry of Foreign Affairs MOFA Manama BAHRAIN 2- 6 December 2013
  • An Open Day to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961-2011). Dubai University 2011 UAE.


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Targeted services based on a long experience in the field of journalism and Public Speaking, organization and management of conferences, are intended, to companies, associations, public or private institutions according to their need for the promotion of their public relations and their communication needs.


The design and implementation of influencing and advocacy strategies aimed at representing and promoting the relations, activities and interests of governmental and NGO organizations, investment companies and private agencies in Tunisia and the Maghreb


Operational and dedicated support, adaptable to the demand, content and duration in the field of public affairs, institutional and governmental relations in support of international development in Tunisia and South Mediterranean countries .